Our Strategy

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Exonor aims at creating value through bridging the knowledge gap between IT technicians and clinical personnel in the healthcare sector.

We emphasize to create sustainable value for our clients through our philosophy which is to act service oriented, being analytically robust, using a pragmatic approach, showing dedication and persistence to the task until a satisfying solution is found.

Healthcare is currently going through fundamental changes, with increased focus on patients’ rights, and individual freedom of choice. The health care operations are transforming to fully integrated IT infrastructure capable of increasing high quality treatment, easy access to data and effectiveness of operational workflows.

As healthcare around the world improve, digitalize and implement more systems, the number of end users is expected to increase rapidly. This will lead to the need for a greater number of clinically trained IT resources to support the clinical IT systems.

Further, health care systems in the entire OECD area are facing a number challenging trends that necessitates increased provision of health care services and stronger pressure for operational efficiency.