Technical Lead

Clinical ICT solutions will also often require a Technical Lead with extensive experience from healthcare ICT projects, who understands the portfolio of systems used in a hospital including departmental systems and the National systems in each country

Through experience from projects in the Nordics, Exonor delivers consultants with in-depth knowledge of healthcare ICT standards, solutions and National requirements.

Our insight in EMR system, PDMS systems, integration with standards such as HL7, Oracle HTB, CDR´s…etc is valuable for customers and vendors that are facing large and complex projects concerning integration, architecture and migration.

Exonor consultants are employed in the role of Technical Lead on health IT projects of varying size and complexity and also assist vendors with their product design and development. On a recent project which introduced a new alerting system to a hospital, an Exonor consultant was assigned as the project’s technical authority and was involved from the project’s inception to help define the requirements, design and architecture of the solution and oversee its delivery.