Exonor Solution Software

Although having a multitude of clinical ICT systems that is more or less integrated, sometimes you may still be missing some vital functionality or integrations; a “Delta software”* in order to automate and streamline your business as well as increase patient safety. For example in the following areas:

  • Local- or National reporting requirements,
  • Statistics from operations,
  • Connections to National platforms (Kanta, NPÖ…)
  • Drivers for reading from infusion pumps
  • Tailor-made integrations

Exonor can specify, develop, implement and support such functionality that is crucial to your business efficiency and not commercially available in the market elsewhere. Exonor have extensive experience of integration according to industry standards such as HL7, XML …and integration engines in order to fill the gaps and provide an integrated clinical software solution.

* Delta-Software: This software is the connector between two or more programs/applications used to enable communication between them.