Exonor Analytics

Exonor Analytics helps clients to gain insight and enhance performance in order to position themselves on the market. If you are emerging in the healthcare ICT sector in general and/or wants to enter the Nordics with your services, Exonor Analytics offers you the necessary insight in order to assess this market/region in a very detailed and well-documented manner. Exonor also support tender processes both on the customer and supplier side.

Several years of “hands-on” experience in the Nordic Healthcare ICT sector has enabled Exonor to gather extensive knowledge in the market. Exonor Analytics offers to increase your insight prior to market entry or sales strategy support through workshops, case studies and tailored market reports.

Our work is based on Exonor IPR, market intelligence, technical and clinical experience, surveys and research. Presented results have helped clients to evolve business plan and “Go to market” strategy.

Exonor Analytics is about information and knowledge. We provide market reports and analyses for both established companies as well as for companies wishing to establish business in new markets in the Nordics. We have for example analysed vendor portfolios possible positioning on the market and the competitor situation. Through analysing the possible market entry barriers and potentials we were able to assist our clients in evolving business plans and “Go to market” strategies.