EMILY – Exonor Medical Academy

Exonor Medical Academy, or EMILY, offers classroom and online training in how the Nordic health sector works. EMILY also offers design, planning and execution of training users in different eHealth solution/specific products. An example of what a training program could address is the following topics:

General Introduction to Healthcare

  • The patient flow and healthcare structure in your country/region and/or in the Nordics.
  • What actually happens when a patient needs public or private healthcare in a specific country


  • Important Public Players in the Nordic E-Health market, the formal institutions and governmental structure
  • Important eHealth concepts and terms
  • The basic ICT solutions (PAS, EMR/EPR/PHR, RIS/PACS…)
  • Historical overview and future trends in eHealth for the Nordic market

Competitor/Market assessment

  • Overview of Private Vendors and competition in the eHealth market
  • Main competitors

Expert workshops

  • In depth workshops tailor made on specific topics of your choice.
  • For example “CLMA” – Closed Loop Medication & Administration Workshop
Our Exonor Medical Academy service offers classroom training and expert workshops to help you better understand how the healthcare system works in general in the Nordic countries. We will tailor an EMILY session adapted to your needs, ranging from a short high-level Nordic eHealth overview to in-depth expert workshops over several days. One of our most popular expert workshops at the moment is the CLMA - Closed Loop Medication Administration - session.