eHealth Evaluation & Benchmarking

Knowledge about your own hospital organization is crucial for creating sound IT strategies and making informed decisions on IT procurement. Exonor eHealth Evaluation & Benchmarking offers insight into both the depth and breadth of eHealth installations in a hospital with comparisons to international peers.

With several years’ in-depth experience working with global benchmarking tools, such as the EMR adoption model (EMRAM) from HIMSS, Exonor can help you objectively measure eHealth implementations within your hospitals using market neutral tools, results which can be used to compare against peers on both the national and international scene.

The Exonor eHealth Evaluation & Benchmarking methodology includes extensive interviews with key personnel and on-site visits using standardized information gathering tools. The data collected is used to analyse all major aspects of eHealth implementations in the hospital setting, looking at both type of installations, size and success of rollout and the success of integrations from a clinical point-of-view. Results are detailed in a report and also presented as part of a workshop.

Using our services you can expect to:

  1. Gain an objective, outside-in view of eHealth implementations at your hospital.
  2. Understand how your hospital is performing compared to peers on both national and international level.
  3. Identify low-hanging fruit for development/procurement, to make quick, substantial gains.
  4. Improve or gain support for existing IT strategies.

Our solutions are always customized for your requirements, ranging in size simple overviews to an in-depth analysis including benchmarking, detailed reporting and qualitative recommendations for improvement.