Clinical Service Desk

Exonor offers first and second line support for clinical systems for hospitals in all the Nordic countries and Europe. We currently have over 25 customers using our services. Exonor’s Clinical Service Desk has the advantage of being a very well established “3-layer” Support Model with a unique combination of layers:

Technical Layer – Technical staff with clinical know-how
Infrastructure and technical personnel is necessary to run an efficient, agile and virtual service desk for hospitals. Our technical staff will also assist you in upgrading the software that we are supporting if needed. We have a detailed insight and understanding of the clinical software environment we are supporting and the surrounding equipment and integrations.

Clinical Layer – Clinical staff with IT know-how
Exonor’s support team includes clinicians with in-depth knowledge of the actual products we are supporting enabling us to have “Clinicians helping other fellow Clinicians”.

National Layer – Local language and know-how
Currently 7 languages are spoken within the team and local knowledge of in particular the Nordic hospital environment is extensive, enabling us to provide local language and local “know-how” of the hospital and the market in general, offering immediate hands-on problem-solving capabilities.

For one of our customers in Exonor’s Clinical Service Desk we are providing support to 20 Nordic hospitals. Both clinical and technical support for the Clinical IT installation.
One of the products is used in the Critical Care and Anaesthesia area and is covering more than 600 bed-sites. The service includes: Application support (Clinical use, Application errors etc.), configuration changes, Integration to external systems, Upgrades, System maintenance, Data queries, and more…