Clinical Lead

Today’s requirements for “2nd generation Electronic Medical Records” with more and advanced integrations, clinical portal solutions, a growing multitude of specialist system and National (centralized) initiatives will often make it hard for a customer to navigate and know what is the best solution for them.

To develop and implement these systems, hospitals must generally define requirements to a system in order to ensure safe and effective delivery of medical care. Likewise it can be challenging for vendors who might have limited clinical experience to offer the right solution with the right clinical functionality.

Exonor offers senior clinical personnel who can guide both clinicians and vendors through all phases of the process of digitalizing healthcare. We offer services from the early analyses of existing workflows to implementing the new system or optimization/adaptation of existing workflows.

Exonor’s Clinical Lead consultants, all with clinical background, will help you in keeping the focus on the benefit for the end-user, the clinician, not the technology.

Anne Mai
Exonor's service, Clinical Lead, is covered by health care professionals such as physicians and nurses with PM skills and depth knowledge of the Nordic health market and eHealth. We contribute among other things with competence within clinical workflows, healthcare market, vendors, public health and eHealth. Exonor is product independent and perform as Clinical Lead in several major public and private projects. An example of an ongoing project is the Norwegian National Summary Care Record (Kjernejournal).